My Children
by Stephanie Alvarado

My children are not all with me today,
but in my heart, they are here to stay.
My oldest baby was taken away
My heart was broken that October Day.

Then one spring, I heard my heart sing,
Oh what the dear Lord had bring,
an angel so tiny, cute & little
We'd name him Joseph, he belonged in the middle.

We became so close, I held him dear,
Then on Father's day, Cancer was the fear.
A sick little boy, a sad family
my heart just cried "why he, why he"
Don't take our son, I'll pray each day
we need him here each day to stay.

One August morn, Our Daughter was born,
It put a smile on Joseph face.
You'd think he won the biggest race.
We named her Natalie, and prayed
a perfect match they would be.
One day to celebrate Joseph being Cancer Free.
I can't wait!  What a party that'll be!

Stephanie Alvarado

Mom to Joey (9) and Natalie (3)
Angel David