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This is a picture of Joey at age 6 and his sister Natalie at the age of 2 months. We took them to have their pictures done, it was in the middle of treatment.  When I went to get the proofs one week later he was completely bald.



Joey, dressed up as Harry Potter and Natalie as Madeline at Halloween. I read Harry Potter stories to Joey at bed time. He loves them.  So when it was time to pick a costume, he was sure this year what he wanted to be.  This
picture was taken about a month before he relapsed.  Natie loves Madeline, we read the books watch the movies...



This is again on August 19th at the off chemo  party.




This is a photo of the bounce house at Joey's off chemo party.



And this is mom and dad, really hanging in there for me!



Joey is quite the big brother to his sister Natalie! Here they are taking a nap.


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