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6mar-infantjoey.jpg (5175 bytes)


This is a picture of infant Joey!
6mar-7montholdjoey.jpg (11282 bytes)


How fast he grew to be 7 months old!
6mar-lilswirl.jpg (10783 bytes)


Here he is with a lil' swirl...
6mar-momandliljoey.jpg (10726 bytes)


Mom and lil' Joey
6mar-1yearoldjoey.jpg (7138 bytes)


And here he is one year old!
6mar-lilfighterjoey.jpg (6871 bytes)


Lil' Joey in his "fight" stance...
6mar-joeydoinghomework.jpg (18642 bytes)


Joey doing homework
6mar-joeygettingtickled.jpg (16915 bytes)


Here's Joey getting tickled!
6mar-joeynatieathospital.jpg (13916 bytes)


This one is of Joey and Natalie at the hospital.
6mar-kidsbeforemusicalmine.jpg (9617 bytes)


Joey and Natalie before the musical "Mine"
6mar-mommakingamohawk.jpg (10930 bytes)


Joey's getting a Mohawk, Mom style!
6mar-newjn.jpg (11292 bytes)


Here's a new picture of Joey and Natalie!
6mar-snowbabies.jpg (11194 bytes)


Here's a pair of my favorite snowbabies!

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