Thank you. It is very kind of you to give thought to returning Japanese war items to the families of those involved. These are often the only items remaining of the soldiers to return home.

There is a branch of the Japanese government that works with those wishing to return WW2 Japanese soldiers' items. You can request assistance locating families that would be connected to these items.

Here is the request form in English that you would need to access this service.
The form explains the terms and conditions of the search.

Request for Investigation of Lost Articles

    Word ".doc" form

    PDF Form

The contact address for this office is:

Planning Div. of War Victims' Relief Social Welfare and War Victims' Relief Bureau Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 1-2-2 KASUMIGASEKI TIYODA-KU TOKYO 100-8916 JAPAN

If you'd like to know the e-mail contact address for them, please get in touch with us.

An alternative would be to contact the closest Japanese consulate or embassy to your location.

If you like, we will be happy to post your flags on our site so that those searching for such items might recognize the names inscribed on them.

Thank you very much again for your kindness. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if there's anything we could do to help you return these items.