(Home of Beaver Creek Resorts)


This panorama consists of photos taken a few miles to the north of Avon, CO, home of Beaver Creek Resorts. More precisely, we were located at N39 degrees 39.5205 min by W106 degrees 31.0237 minutes at an altitude of 8,829 feet. If you manipulate the image so that you are looking almost into the sun, you will see ski trails on the mountains below surrounding the resort area, with the town of Avon, CO just north (towards you) of Highway 70. This file is rather large at 708KB, so give it time to download from the web server and to set itself up in the image viewer. Once loaded into the Java viewer, you can left-click on the image to stop it from moving, then also you can click on the image and drag in a direction to change the perspective of the image.