The Bay of Izmir, Dec 1961

This slide show includes images of Izmir (formerly known as "Smyrna"), Turkey along Mithatpasha street in the Guzelyali area where we lived in an apartment. I lived there from around August of 1961 through April of 1962.

Izmir's famous "Agora," Dec 1961.

Also included are photos of Izmir's famous "Agora," an official gathering place built prior to 178 AD, destroyed by earthquake in 178 A.D., and rebuilt in a single year with the help of the emperor Marcus Aurelius. The Agora has been undergoing restoration over the past years.

These photos were taken during the period from August 1961 through April of 1962 using an Argus C3 Matchmatic 35mm camera on Kodachrome slide film. They've weathered fairly well over the years, but there is some color change and growth that had formed on some of the slides during our stay in Okinawa.