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Japanese WWII Memorabilia
Alaskan Defense Command
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Fleet Air Wing 4
United States Marines on Attu
7th Infantry Division, Activated 1942 by General "Vinegar Joe Stillwell"
4th Infantry Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia
Shemya Veterans AssociationASA

This site started out with the intentions of sharing anecdotes, photos, and links to other sites having Shemya, Alaska as a focus. Visitors to this original site would share their experiences on "The Rock," and in many cases would send photos and stories relating their experiences while stationed there...which we also posted on this web site.  The original content thus grew and diversified to match the vast experiences of our visitors on "The Rock."

As the original post-WWII Shemya web site took shape, the content quickly grew to include not only post-war inhabitants of the islands, but many WW-II veterans as well. The hardy folks that spent the years from 1942 through 1946 in the Aleutians certainly have a most interesting perspective of their tours of duty, and have written extensively about their experiences in organizational newsletters (such as Dan Lange's "The Shemya Mailbag"). These stories appear on this web site as they become available. Photos contributed by the WW-II Vets have also been included on this web site.

The original contributors and drivers of the WW-II content of this web site, such as Dan Lange, Rene Thibault, George Villasenor, and Nick Moreska, just to name a few that were there during the war years, formed the nucleus of our WW-II segment. Since then, many, many more of our WW-II Aleutian vets and/or their families have been in touch and have contributed enormously in terms of photos, stories, and memorabilia to the content of our web site.

Many additional visitors were stationed on Aleutian islands other than Shemya, including the western-most island of Attu, as well as other islands along the chain such as Adak, Amchitka, and Umnak.  My intent is to include links (see the Links pages) to other sites already in existence if we don't have adequate material to create a web page for an island, and where we are able to accumulate adequate material we'll build a web page on this site to host it.

During the WW-II era, there were a variety of aircraft assigned to the Aleutian theater. Many of the WW-II stories on this web site include references to these aircraft. I've included reference pages for these aircraft on this web site that includes photos and specifications where available.

Enjoy your visit, and if you have stories and/or photos of the Aleutians you would care to share, please send them along by either E-mail or snail mail.

Note: Each major island page will have a sub-menu of its own containing unique links to that island's files of interest. For example, try the menu on a few buttons and observe the links that pop out:

404th Bomb Squadron, Shemya, AK
Aleutian Shutterbugs
This emblem recalls the skillfull performance of hazardous duty in Alaska's coastal waters and Aleutian Islands by men of the 10th Emergency Rescue Boat Squadron, 11th United States Army Air Force, 1942-1945
USASA Field Station, Shemya
Shemya, AFTAC
United States Air Force Security Service
5073rd ABS, Shemya, AK - 1965-1966 (Click for full size)
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