Crew 18, Det 2, SQDN VPB-62, Amchitka, Aug 1945 1. One of the PBY crews working out of Amchitka in August of 1945, provided by Alan R. Broadbent, son of Joe Broadbent, PBY pilot of the Aleutian Campaign.  "He (Joe) was a PBY pilot and stationed in the Aleutians during the war.  I have several pictures of my father's unit complete with the planes (PBY's) and the crews that flew in them. My father also kept the maps (flight-crew type) of all the islands in the Aleutian chain. He took aerial photos of the mountainous terrain as well as snapshots of anything of interest on his island; back then there must not have been a whole lot to see otherwise he would have taken a lot more pictures than he did." This photo is of Crew 18, Detachment #2, SQDN VPB-62, Amchitka Island, Aleutians, August 1945. (Joe Broadbent, pilot, is kneeling at left front).
VPB-62, Aug 1945, Amchitka 2. This is the crew of SQDN VPB-62, Det 2, Amchitka Island in August of 1945. (Alan Broadbent)
amchitka-officers-club-bar-thmb.jpg (2772 bytes) 3. Several of Joe Broadbent's photos were of buildings (quanset huts), one of which was the Officer's Club on Amchitka Island. The inside of the "clubhouse" had a bar, and board games laid out "ready to play"; the best part was the mural over the bar. (Alan Broadbent)
Amchitka Princes 4. The mural over Amchitka's Officer's Club bar. (Editor's Note: This image was extracted, enhanced, and enlarged from a smaller photo for better viewing. gls/ns) (Alan Broadbent)
Amchitka PBY'ers 5. Some of Joe Broadbent's fellow PBY'ers. Amchitka. (Alan Broadbent)
Amchitka fishing buddies - WWII Version 6. Amchitka fishing buddies...WWII version. Joe Broadbent is on the right side. Amchitka Island, Sept 4, 1945. These fish were caught in Constantine Harbor. (Alan Broadbent)
Official Navy Photo of P-38 7. Another nice photo of a P-38 from Alan Broadbent. This one is apparently an "official U. S. Navy" photo. Interesting how the Navy guys can manage to pull ladies into any situation! Not sure where or when this one was taken. Anybody have any ideas? (Alan Broadbent)


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