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[Editor's Note: George Villasenor was a young lad of 16 when he joined the U.S. Navy. His assignment was to become a photographer...with eventual assignment to Attu, Aleutian Islands, AK.]

My group was attached to Fleet Air Wing Four and supported, among others, PB Squadron 136 located on Attu. Ensign G. W. Richardson was the commanding officer of the photo lab, Fleet Air Wing Four, and received letters of commendation from PBS 136, Commanding Officer E. F. Hayes. Today Johnnie, my wife, is my commanding officer, and works with me to preserve these photos, and to scan and pass them along for others to enjoy and to appreciate what the Aleutian veteran's of WW-II endured.

Some of these pictures had already been processed, and are provided as they were found. Others I took during my assignment to Attu.


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The Landing at Attu

AttuLanding6-gv.jpg (20588 bytes) #1
AttuInv1-gv.jpg (17636 bytes) #2
AttuLanding1-gv.jpg (18485 bytes) #3
AttuLanding8-gv.jpg (24354 bytes) #4
AttuLanding7open-gv.jpg (22404 bytes) #5
AttuLanding3rocket-gv.jpg (23298 bytes) #6
AttuLanding2chow-gv.jpg (24641 bytes) #7
AttuLanding4jeep-gv.jpg (15344 bytes) #8
AttuLanding5subs-gv.jpg (29997 bytes) #9

The Invasion of Attu

AttuInv7-gv.jpg (27435 bytes) #10
AttuInv2-gv.jpg (29577 bytes) #11
AttuInv5-gv.jpg (19763 bytes) #12
AttuInv3-gv.jpg (23881 bytes) #13
AttuInv8-gv.jpg (36199 bytes) #14
AttuInv6-gv.jpg (34805 bytes) #15
AttuInv4-gv.jpg (15744 bytes) #16

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Originally published 12 April 2001