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Shemya Coordinates Map

Shemya P-38, Tail # 110 #15. Here's a shot of a Shemya P-38 with tail number 110. This one belonged to the 343 Ftr Grp. (Dan Lange)
Shemya P-51 #16. I once heard there were no P-51 aircraft on Shemya. Here's a photo of one from Dan Lange. Dan says the P-51 was late in coming and was the only one on Shemya. The P-51 belonged to the 11th Fighter Squadron. (Dan Lange, 1946)
Shemya P-51, Front View #17. Here's a front view of the 11th Fighter Squadron's P-51 on Shemya. (Dan Lange, 1946). This information from Fred Mitchell of Dallas, TX: This P-51 on Shemya is a postwar P-51H. It is very unusual to even find a picture of one as there were not many built and as far as I know most wound up in ANG squadrons (Maryland and Texas for sure. The picture would have to have been made after the organization of the USAF in 1947 as it shows the insignia with red bar added inside the white bar which was 1943-47 USAAF standard. The P-51H differed from the late D models by smaller wheels and taller tail fin, and longer canopy. This P-51 tail number is 44-64511 (actually shows only 464511 as there were such high numbers during WW2 that they dropped the first digit when it was painted on the tail), which falls in the last block of H models built.
Shemya AT-7 #18. This AT-7 Trainer "The Lone Wolf" also belonged to the 11th Fighter Squadron, and made its presence known on Shemya as well. (Dan Lange, 1946)
B-17 Outfitted as Rescue Plane, Shemya, 1946. #19. I've read about the B-17s that were outfitted as rescue planes, but this is the first photo I've seen of one. A rare shot of one on Shemya.  (Dan Lange, 1946)
B29 on Shemya #20. There was much controversy in regards to how many B-29's landed on Shemya during the war, I think only one. Probably some general who thought it was a good idea to bomb Japan from Shemya and had to prove that at least one could tolerate that weather. This one may have been post war. Looks the 404th Bomb Squadron hangar. (Dan Lange, 1946)
Uptown Shemya, 1946 (W. Blake) #21. This photo was taken on Shemya in 1946 by William Blake, USAF, 404th Bomb Squadron (H). Bill currently lives in Medford, MA. (Supplied by R. Thibault)
B-24 "Myasis Dragon"  Shemya, 1946 (W. Blake) #22. The B-24 "Myasis Dragon." Taken on Shemya in 1946 by William Blake, USAF, 404th Bomb Squadron (H) (click HERE for additional picture). 
B-24 "The Glutton," Shemya, 1946 #23. B-24 "The Glutton," tail number 74, provided by William Blake, USAF, 404th Bomb Squadron (H). Shemya 1946 (click HERE for additional picture). 
Bill Blake's Hut #47, Shemya, AK 1946 #24. William Blake's hut #47, Shemya, 1946.
#25. On Shemya, 16 June 1946, funeral services were held for Lt. Col. John Lawson (the CO) and Lt. Phillip Oltusky. Their passing was the result of  a plane crash. One of the 404th's greatest tragedies. For more information, click here. (William Blake)
#26. Bob Leavitt was stationed on Shemya in 1946-47, with the 344th Fighter Group, working 4-channel VHF, radio compass, and IFF.  Picture taken with a Kodak Brownie camera. He's standing alongside the P-38 "The Shemya Kid." This was one of six that he knew of in the 66th Fighter Sq. (1946-47, Bob Leavitt)
Piles of P-38s #27. At war's end, many of the fighters were disposed of in an unfortunate way. These P-38s are apparently either buried on Shemya between the old runways, or were taken out to sea and dumped. Jim Lux sent us this photo. He's been researching the location of these old aircraft with the intentions of recovering and restoring them. Please Contact Jim Lux (and this website) if you have any information that may be of use. (Coord 9F)
P-38s, Reverse Side #28. Here's another view of the P-38s as shown above, courtesy of Jim Lux. (Coord 9F)

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