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The   first   PMEL.ORG    website   was   created   In   1998   by   Ernie   Huffine,   a Metrology/PMEL   School   instructor   retired   from   the   USAF   having   a bit   of   time   on   his   hands.   He   constructed   the   website   using   what   at the   time   was   an   advanced   webpage   authoring   tool,   Microsoft’s “FrontPage.”    His    original    intentions    were    to    make    available    an online   digitized   copy   of   the   much-coveted   “Metrology   Handbook.” The   website   slowly   evolved   into   a   jobs   portal,   tables   of   individual contact    information    and    other    miscellaneous    content.    This    website    is presented   as   an   update/upgrade   to   Ernie’s   original   work   again   with   the   intent   of   making available the Metrology Handbook as well as other useful tools used in the Metrology trade. For   a   historical   perspective   we’ve   also   included   the   evolution   of   the   PMEL/Metrology   career field   as   established   by   the   USAF   beginning   in   the   1950’s,   including   material   pertaining   to   the history   of   USAF’s   implementation   of   Metrology   services,   the   selection   and   training   of   USAF Metrologists,   a   Memorial   page   honoring   those   who’ve   gone   before   us,   as   well   as   updated content   from   our   separate   but   related   Denver   PMEL   website.   Please   select   from   the   menu above    tabs    of    interest…and    don’t    forget    to    find    and    download    a    copy    of    the    Metrology Handbook!
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