Many visitors to our website have requested we compile a bibliography of all the books and videos that we are aware of (or made aware of) that relate to the Aleutians or to WWII in the Aleutians. The first two books one should read include a  definitive book written by Brian Garfield, "The Thousand Mile War," and a book I captured from e-Bay entitled "The Capture of Attu" (I was first made aware of this book through Rene Thibault, a WWII Attu Vet and contributor to this web site, who shared with me his personal paperback copy obtained in the closing days of the war). Each of the additional books provide insights from different perspectives that when taken in their totality provide an excellent and complete picture of life in the Aleutians before, during, and after WWII. If you have additional items relative to these events, please e-mail your recommendation and I'll add them to the page.  Click on the following symbol included with each description to access, review and/or purchase available editions of these books directly and privately from using your own account access: Some books, rare, out of print, not available at Amazon, may be available via or Alibris. Click on the either the AbeBooks or Alibris logos to access books from these excellent sources. A new feature we’ve just added to our website! Now you can also review/purchase these books via through our newly established  Amazon affiliate program link which helps to fund this website! By clicking on the Amazon link on the right-side of the book’s descriptive text, any purchases you subsequently make using these links will still require you to use your own private account access….the difference being our website would be credited for the purchase, with a pittance of the purchase price forwarded to us in support off this website.
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Attu   Boy  by   Nick   Golodoff,   with   Rachel   Mason,   Editor, 2012.     Copies     of     this     book     can     be     obtained     by contacting   Greg   Dixon,   Cultural   Resource   Technician, Cultural   Resources   Team,   Alaska   Regional   Office,   at   (907) 644-3465.    The    National    Park    Service    is    pleased    to    make available    the    story    of    a    young    boy's    experiences    as    a Japanese    captive    and    intern    during    WWII,    and    of    his resettlement   in   Atka   after   the   war.   For   those   of   us   who'd wondered   about   life   on Attu   just   before   WWII   and   during   the initial    Japanese    invasion    and    capture    of    Attu    and    its inhabitants,   as   well   as   their   lives   spent   in   captivity   in   Japan   during   the   war,   this   book   is   a   must read!   It   is   replete   with   numerous   black   and   white   as   well   as   color   photos,   maps,   and   charts   of Attu   and   its   inhabitants   of   that   time.   Call   or   write   the   contact   info   provided   above   for   your   copy today!
The Thousand Mile War  by Brian Garfield, 1995. ISBN    0-912006-83-8.    This    is    an    updated    version    of    Brian's    1969 original,    and    is    published    through    the    University    of    Alaskan    Press, Fairbanks,   AK.   There   are   great   updates   to   the   original   in   terms   of   both printed   material   and   pictures.   Very   well   done...a   reference   book   for   all when studying WWII in the Aleutians. (Ref. George Smith)
The   Capture   of   Attu...As   told   by   the   men   who   fought   there    Copyright 1944   by   Infantry   Journal,   Inc.   (out   of   print...can   find   used   copies through (Ref. Rene Thibault, George Smith)
The   Capture   of   Attu...As   told   by   the   men   who   fought   there    With Nelson   L.   Drummond,   Sewell   T.   Tyng   Compiled   by   Robert   J.   Mitchell (Author).   ASIN:   B00EQBTA46.   This   is   a   reprint   of   the   original   (see   above). (Ref. George Smith)
Aleutian   Islands   -   The   U.S.   Army   Campaigns   of   World   War   II   by   George L.    MacGarrigle,    1992.    ISBN    0-16-035882-5.    For    sale    by    the    U.    S. Government   Printing   Office,   Superintendent   of   Documents,   Mail   Stop: SSOP,   Washington,   DC   20402-9328.   "World   War   II   was   the   largest   and   most violent   armed   conflict   in   the   history   of   mankind.   However,   the   half   century that   now   separates   us   from   that   conflict   has   exacted   its   toll   on   our   collective knowledge.   While   World   War   II   continues   to   absorb   the   interest   of   military scholars   and   historians,   as   well   as   its   veterans,   a   generation   of   Americans has   grown   to   maturity   largely   unaware   of   the   political,   social,   and   military implications   of   a   war   that,   more   than   any   other,   united   us   as   a   people   with   a common   purpose.   This   brochure   was   prepared   in   the   U.   S.   Army   Center   of Military   History   by   George   L.   MacGarrigle.   I   hope   this   absorbing   account   of   that   period   will enhance   your   appreciation   of   American   achievements   during   World   War   II."   M.   P.   W.   Stone, Secretary of the Army. USGPO: 1992 302-270  PIN: 068914-000.  (Ref. George Smith)
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Last   Letters   from   Attu       The   True   Story   of   Etta   Jones,   Alaska   Pioneer and   Japanese   POW      by   Mary   Breu.   ISBN-10:   0882408100,   ISBN-13:   978- 0882408101   Web Site: Etta   Jones,   my   great-aunt,   was   the   first   female   Caucasian   taken   prisoner from   American   soil   by   a   foreign   enemy   since   the   War   of   1812.   The   historical incident   took   place   in   June,   1942,   when   the   Japanese   invaded   Attu,   Alaska, the   westernmost   island   in   the   Aleutian   Chain.   Until   now,   the   sequence   of events   leading   up   to   her   capture   as   well   as   her   experiences   in   Japanese POW   camps   for   thirty-nine   months   have   never   been   accurately   documented. Hers   is   a   story   of   incredible   bravery   and   courage   when   faced   with   adversity. Mary Breu. Cover photo from the book "Ichimai no shashin o otte Aryushan o yuku" by Masami Sugiyama
The   Last   Flight   of   Bomber   31    by   Ralph   Wetterhan.   Harrowing   Tales   of American   and   Japanese   Pilots   Who   Fought   in   World   War   II's   Arctic   Air Campaign by Ralph Wetterhan. ISBN-13: 978-0786713608 Through   meticulous   research   and   unprecedented   interviews   with   Japanese and American   combatants,   award-winning   author   Ralph   Wetterhahn   provides a   breathtaking   account   of   the   nose-to-tail   air   war   between   American   and Japanese   flyers   above   the   Bering   Sea.   Dubbed   riders   of   the   “Empire Express,”    American    pilots    stationed    in    the    Aleutians    flew    nine-hour missions,   1,500   miles   round-trip   in   subzero   temperatures,   to   bomb   Japanese installations   in   the   Kuril   Islands.   While   on   his   ongoing   quest   to   give   a   full account   of   MIAs   and   POWs,   Wetterhahn   investigated   the   crash   sites   of   two   Empire   Express planes   found   in   the   Soviet   Far   East   in   2000   and   2001,   and   here   re-creates   their   crews’ daunting   exploits.   With   unrivaled   mastery   of   aviation,   warfare,   and   military   forensic   evidence, Wetterhahn   rescues   from   obscurity   the   final   moments   of   U.S.   Navy   pilot   Walt   S.   Whitman,   who made   a   forced   landing   with   his   crew   on   the   Kamchatka   Peninsula.   He   also   details   the   missions flown   by   Japan’s   pilots   and   the   fate   of   Japanese   captured   by   the   Soviets   and   interned   in Siberia.   This   is   a   moving   testament   to   the   impulse   to   account   for   all   servicemen   left   behind. (    It   is   a   great   description   of   the   US   Navy   Lockheed   PV-1   Ventura   bomber   missions   flown   from Attu   to   bomb   the   Kuril   Islands   and   the   21st   century   discovery   of   one   of   the   downed   bombers on   the   Kamchatka   Peninsula.   The   plane   was   also   the   subject   of   a   PBS   Nova   episode   which   I have yet to see.  NOVA | Last Flight of Bomber 31 | PBS  A A picture of one of these planes is on my dad's website:!untitled/zoom/c1n0f/imagecf9    (Andy Kozlowski)
Shortcut    to    Tokyo,    The    Battle    for    the   Aleutians    by    Corey Ford. This   was   a   welcome   Christmas   gift   to   me   from   my   wife   this   year   (2010).   A quick   read   as   there   are   only   141   pages   to   this   book.   It   was   published   in   New York by Charles Scribner's Sons in 1943, selling then for $1.75. Ford   details   flights   from   then   not-identified   islands   (would   be   Umnak,   Adak and Amchitka)   on   their   way   to   bomb   Kiska...then   held   by   the   Japanese.   On   a personal   level,   this   book   gets   close   to   the   missions,   the   pilots   and   crews   of the   medium   and   heavy   bombers,   the   rescue   aircraft,   as   well   as   the   "pea   shooters,"   as   they lived, flew, and fought in the Aleutians up to 1943. Additional   chapters   looks   back   at   visits   by   Ford   to   the   Aleutians   prior   to   the   war   breaking   out, a   brief   history   of   the   Aleutians   and   the   Aleuts,   and   discusses   suspicions   the   Aleuts   harbored about   the   many   Japanese   visits   to   the Aleutians   just   prior   to   the   outbreak   of   WWII,   talks   about Attu Chief Mike, the sea otters, vegetation, and bird populations of the Aleutians. A   quick   look   and   comparison   at   the   end   of   the   book   into   the   lives   of   two   a   union factory   worker   in   the   USA   building   the   planes,   and   another   look   at   an   Aleutian   AAF   pilot   flying bombers   made   by   him...and   their   mutual   desires   and   hopes   for   their   families.   Might   bring   a tear   to   your   eyes.   Book   is   hard   to   find...Nadine   found   one   used   copy   on ,   which referenced Abebooks . Worthwhile obtaining and reading! (George L. Smith)
Center   of   the   Storm   The   Bombing   of   Dutch   Harbor   and   the   Experience of   Patrol   Wing   Four   in   the   Aleutians,   Summer   1942    by   Jeff   Dickrell. ISBN   1575100924. Available   from   the   Museum   of   the Aleutians   Store   in addition   to   other   booksellers.   Call   907-581-5150   to   get   your   copy   from   the Museum    (Jeff    donated    the    whole    package    to    the    museum).    Jeff    Dickrell arrived   in   Unalaska,   Alaska   in   1990   from   Naperville,   Illinois,   to   teach   high school   history.   Immersing   himself   in   Aleutian   history,   especially   the   WW   II era,   he   is   a   board   member   of   the   Museum   of   the   Aleutians   and   a   researcher for   the   National   Park   WW   II   Interpretive   Center   in   Unalaska.   An   annual   class trip   to   Washington   DC   allowed   him   much   access   to   the   National   Archives Still   Picture   Division.   In   1997   and   1999   the   Patrol   Wing   Four   Association   invited   Jeff   to   their reunion   where   he   had   a   chance   to   meet   with   the   many   veterans   he   had   been   corresponding with   for   this   book.   He   continues   to   enjoy   the   friendships   made   there.   Jeff   has   a   B.A.   in   history from   Northern   Illinois   University.   When   not   in   front   of   a   class   or   his   computer,   he   can   usually be found paddling his kayak or hiking the hills of Unalaska.
The   Forgotten   War    by   Stan   Cohen,   Library   of   Congress   Catalog   Card   no. 81-80570. (Ref: Rene Thibault) This is a four-volume set: Volume 1: ISBN 0-933126-13-1. Volume 2: ISBN 0-933126-70-0 Volume 3: ISBN 0-929521-30-7 Volume 4: ISBN 0-929521-64-1 This   is   a   pictorial   history   of   WWII   in   Alaska   and   Northwestern   Canada.   To quote   in   part   from   the   intro,   "In   most   combat   theaters   of   the   2nd   World   War the   combatants   had   to   fight   only   each   other.   In   Alaska   and   Northwestern Canada,   however,   they   also   did   battle   with   the   weather,   the   wilderness   and boredom.   This   remote   territory   was   probably   the   war's   least   known   and least   publicized   combat   zone.”   The   books   can   be   bought   at   or can   be   ordered   from   the   author   at   the   following   address:   Pictorial   Histories Publishing   Co.   Inc,   713   South   Third   Street   West,   Missoula,   MT      59801.   If   you can't   find   these   books   via,   here's   the   link   to   Pictorial   Histories Publishing homepage: These   volumes   can   be   purchased   individually   rather   than   as   a   “bundle”   at : The Forgotten War, Volume 1 , ISBN 0-933126-13-1 The Forgotten War, Volume 2 , ISBN 0-933126-70-0 The Forgotten War, Volume 3 , ISBN 0-929521-30-7 The Forgotten War, Volume 4 , ISBN 0-929521-64-1
Men   of   the   Invisible   War   by   Joe   Kotvas,   ISBN   978-1-937129-34-7   The true   story   of   a   war   (with   sixty   photographs)   that   was   kept   from   the American   people,   a   war   fought   right   in   its   own   backyard   from   June 1942   through   September   1943.   It   tells   of   how   the   governments   of   both   the United   States   and   Japan   tried   to   keep   a   part   of   WWII   secret   and   how   it   was years   before   citizens   had   any   idea   it   ever   happened.   It's   a   story   of   love,   faith, and   hardships,   suffering   and   dying...from   a   perspective   seen   by   both   sides   of the conflict.
They     Also     Serve      by     Ian     Wilson     Beaton.     Published     by     Xlibris Corporation, 436 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. ISBN   0-7388-2391-0.   I   am   a   WWII   veteran   who   spent   25   months   in   the Aleutian Islands   (21   months   on   Shemya   in   the   Post      Engineer),   11/43   to   7/45.      I   was   a clerk,   truck   driver   and   20mm AA   gunner.      My   book   is   based   on   WWII   research and   excerpts   from   300   letters   I   wrote   to   my   family   has   just   been   published. You   can   read   about   me   and   several   chapters   of   my   book   on   the   following   web sites: My   book   can   be   purchased   from   Barns   and   Noble,   Borders,   or   from   the   publisher.     I   think   anyone   who   served   in   the   Aleutians   during   WWII   would   get   a   real   kick   reading   it.   (Ref. Ian Beaton) (I   finished   reading   Ian's   book   on   the   7th   of   July,   2004.   I   can   attest   to   the   fact   that   regardless   of when   you   lived   on   Shemya,   you   will   find   a   lot   of   common   experiences   with   Ian   even   to   this   very day!   This   book   is   a   great   read,   describing   day-to-day   life   on   the   Shemya   of   WWII   times.   George Smith)
CIEL DE GUERRE N o  10 SEPT.-OCT.-NOV. 2006  Aleutians : the forgotten battle (part 1) Who   does   remember   today   that   during   Word   War   2,   the   Aleutians   were   an advanced   theatre   of   operations   against   Japan?   As   a   diversionary   move   in conjunction   with   their   strike   against   Midway,   the   Japanese   bombed   Dutch Harbor   in   June   1942   and   landed   troops   on   Kiska   and   Attu,   the   westernmost islands   of   the   Aleutians.   The   Japanese   remained,   primarily   in   a   defensive situation,   to   prevent   any   movement   by American   forces   toward   Japan   through the   Aleutians   chain.   Aerial   operations   by   Japan   and   by   the   fighter   and   bomber   units   of   11th   Air Force   were   often   restricted   by   severe   weather.   The   15   months   of   the   campaign   turned   out   to   be a   struggle   against   nature   rather   than   against   rival   enemy   forces!   The   11th   Air   Force   knew   many losses,   in   most   cases,   caused   by   accidents.   P-38s,   P39s,   P-40s,   B-24s,   B-25s   and   B-26s   led continuous   attacks   on   Japanese   installations.   In   May   1943,   American   forces   seized   Attu   after   a bloody   battle.   First   step   to   the   recapture   of   the   Aleutians   and   to   the   raids   against   the   Northern Kuriles,   the   Japanese   home   islands.   This   subject   which   remains   unknown   to   many   will   be   done in two parts in "Ciel de Guerre" by Arnaud Prudhomme and Stephane Soulard. This   quality   magazine   is   loaded   with   great   photos,   battle   maps,   drawings   of   aircraft   serving   in the   Aleutian   Theater   of   War,   tables   of   aircraft   and   related   information,   along   with   personal stories...printed   on   heavy   glossy   A4   paper.   While   text   is   in   French   it   is   an   excellent   reference source   for   those   interested   in Aleutian   WWII   history. You   will   find   some   of   this   web   site's   photos and   stories   in   this   magazine   as   well!   This   magazine   is   primarily   available   in   Europe,   but   you   can get   a   copy   of   your   own   through   either   PayPal   or   from   the   Aviation   &   Military   Book   Center. ”   For more   information   about   the   magazine,   and/or   to   get   a   copy   of   this   magazine   through   PayPal, click HERE.  
The Aleutian   Warriors, A   History   of   the   11th Air   Force   &   Fleet Air   Wing   4 by   John   Haile   Cloe.   This   is   a   great   reference   book,   filled   with   stories and   pictures   of   the   war   in   the Aleutians. A   "must   have"   of   344   pages   for every library. ISBN 0-929521-35-8. (Ref. George Smith)
Aviation & MilitaryBook Center
Birthplace   of   the   Winds   -   Storming   Alaska's   Islands   of   Fire   and   Ice    by Jon    Bowermaster.    Hardcover    (February    2001)    National    Geographic Society;   ISBN:   0792275063   ;   Dimensions   (in   inches):   1.04   x   9.26   x   6.29. Review   by   Russell   Marvin:   "The   book   is   an   account   of   a   25   day   kayaking   and mountaineering   expedition   by   the   author   and   3   of   his   friends   through   the Islands   of   Four   Mountains,   a   group   of   Aleutian   islands   located   about   150 miles   west   of   Dutch   Harbor.   In   addition   to   a   narrative   of   his   highly   dangerous trip,   Bowermaster   gives   a   lot   of   very   interesting   information   on   the   life   of   the original   Aleut   inhabitants   of   these   islands.   Good   reading   for   the   armchair adventurer."
From   Sailing   Ships   to   Spitfires    by   Shirley   Walker.      Paperback   (ISBN 0888872879)   or   Hardcover   (ISBN   0888872895),      the   life   and   times   of   an immigrant    family,    whose    sons    fought    in    the    second    World    War. Originally   Available   from      Borealis   Book   Publishers .   Includes   a   section   on Canada's   involvement   in   the Aleutian   theater   during   WWII.   Click   HERE    to   read extract (PDF file). Also see Shirley's web site by clicking here .
The     Lockheed     P-38     Lightning     by     Warren     M.     Bodie,     Widewing publications.   Bob   Freeman   highly   recommends   this   book   for   those interested in the P-38's WW-II history in the Aleutians.
A   Miracle   at   Attu:   The   Rescue   of   CG-1600    is   an   historic   nonfiction account   documenting   the   phenomenal   rescue   of   nine   survivors   from   a U.   S.   Coast   Guard   HC-130H   that   crashed   on   a   logistics   mission   to   the remote   Coast   Guard   Long   Range   Navigation   Station   on Attu   Island Alaska.   Be prepared   as   you   are   transported   back   in   time   to   a   cold   isolated   mountain   on Attu   for   a   truly   remarkable   rescue.   It   is   an   inspiring   and   emotional   story   of human   error,   courage,   bravery,   and   survival.   It   takes   a   special   mindset   to   go into   harm's   way   and   fly   into   the   storm   so   others   may   live.   You   will   come   to know   and   see   the   many   perspectives   of   the   rescue   through   the   eyes   of   the survivors,   and   the   crews   of   the   Coast   Guard   Cutter   Mellon,   LORAN   Station Attu,   Rescue-1602,   and   Rescue-1425.   The   author   guides   the   reader   to   feel   the tension,   risk,   and   danger   to   locate   and   rescue   the   downed   crew.   Alaska   and particularly   the   remote   Western   Aleutian   Islands   pose   a   unique   and   unforgiving   operating environment.    Weather    is    constantly    poor    with    high    winds,    poor    visibility,    low    clouds, precipitation,   and   high   sea   states.   High   speed   vessel   transits   are   extremely   risky   as   there   are no   navigational   aids   and   near   shore   nautical   charting   is   unreliable.   Helicopter   operations   are always   risky   due   to   low   ceilings,   limited   visibility,   high   gusty   winds,   and   steep   mountains   right down   to   the   water's   edge.   You   will   feel   as   if   you   are   right   in   the   cockpit,   on   the   side   of   the mountain,   on   the   Mellon   flight   deck   and   bridge   as   the   rescue   team   works   against   all   odds   to save their fellow aviators and shipmates.  (Ref. George L. Smith)
Silent   Siege   III    by   Bert   Weber.   Bob   Freeman   also   recommends   this book   as   well.   From   "Silent   Siege   III   :   Japanese   Attacks on   North   America   in   World   War   II   :   Ships   Sunk,   Air   Raids,   Bombs Dropped,   Civilians   Killed.   Documentary.   This   book   is   one   of   a   series   of   three books   by   the   same   author   including   "Silent   Siege   I,"   and   "Silent   Siege   II." ISBN-13:      978-0936738734,   ISBN-10:      0936738731.   Paperback   &   Hardcover. Other books by Bert Weber: Silent Siege II , by Bert Weber                       Silent Siege , by Bert Weber
Originally   titled   " Walkie-Talkie   Fanning   Bees:   Baseball   Ambassadors Visit   World   War   II   Combat   Areas,   1943-1945 "   this   book   describes   the journeys   of   six   different   groups   of   men   into   WWII   combat   areas   from Alaska   to   New   Guinea.   Featuring   Hall   of   Famers   like   Musial,   Medwick   and Durocher,   this   story   shows   the   extent   to   which   Americans   would   express   their   patriotism   in difficult and dangerous ways. NPS Link to interview with Janis Kozlowski, click HERE.
War   Comes   To   Alaska:   The   Dutch   Harbor   Attack,   June   3-4,   1942   by Norman   Edward   Rourke.   ISBN   1-57249-028-4.   The   Japanese   attacked Dutch   Harbor   during   the   early   hours   of   3   June,   1942,   and   again   in   the afternoon   of   4   June.   These   two   attacks   were   but   small   parts   of   a   large   overall plan   to   take   the   island   of   Midway,   draw   the   U.S.   Pacific   Naval   Fleet   into   a decisive   battle   at   sea,   and   to   occupy   the   outer   islands   of   the   Aleutian   Chain. This   book   tells   the   story   of   the   Dutch   Harbor   attack   from   both   the   American and   Japanese   points   of   view.   Kept   secret   for   morale   and   security   reasons,   the Japanese   attack   and   ultimate   invasion   of   the   Aleutians   was   off   limits   to   the American press.
KISKA    -    The    Japanese    Occupation    of    an   Alaska    Island     by    Brendan Coyle.   Published   by   University   of   Alaska   Press   (Fairbanks),   distributed by    University    of    Chicago    Press,    to    be    published    September    2014. Brendan   Coyle's   upcoming   new   book   records   51   days   in   2009   spent   camped on Kiska while surveying the island for signs of the Japanese occupation.
WAR ON OUR DOORSTEP  by Brendan Coyle. ISBN:    1-894384-46-6.    The    first    enemy    occupation    of    U.S. territory    since    the    War    of    1812    occurred    when    Japanese    troops stormed   the   Aleutian   Islands   in   1942.   Bloody   conflict   raged   through the   following   years,   as   American   and   Canadian   troops   defended   the northern front. As    the    war    continued,    a    Japanese    airplane    dropped    bombs    on Oregon,     while     submarines     lurked     off     Washington     and     British Columbia.   Using   the   westerly   winds   as   an   ally,   Tokyo   directed   a battalion    of    balloon-bombs    that    drifted    to    North   America's    coast    and    randomly wreaked   havoc.   War   on   our   Doorstep   presents   the   fascinating   history   of   a   war largely    hidden    from    the    public    as    governments    attempted    to    avert    panic    from California to Alaska following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Sixty   years   later,   the   fascinating   events   of   that   era   and   their   impact   on   both   the American   and   Canadian   psyches   remain   virtually   unknown   to   much   of   the   world. After   conducting   decades   of   research   and   interviews   with   veterans   on   both   sides   of the    conflict,    author    Brendan    Coyle    reveals    details    of    the    previously    unknown campaign   that   included   attacks   on   Oregon,   British   Columbia,   and   the   harsh   battles fought     in     Alaska.     Coyle's     captivating     240-page     account     includes     over     110 photographs and maps, which document the era and events. Brendan   Coyle   has   done   a   magnificent   job   in   this   comprehensive   review   of   the   war on   the   West   Coast.   No   other   single   volume   has   so   neatly   tied   together   the   myriad stories   of   how   the   war   affected   people   in   British   Columbia,   California,   Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.   Jim Delgado, Executive Director, Vancouver Maritime Museum   The   success   of   Coyle's   text   is   the   use   of   a   narrative   time   line.   He   connects   the fragmented   records   of   military   engagements   that   ran   up   and   down   the   Pacific   Coast     from   California   to Alaska   during   the   years   between   the   bombing   of   Pearl   Harbor   and the    destruction    of    Hiroshima    and    Nagasaki    by    the    world's    first    tactical    nuclear weapons.   Patrick Nagle, The Vancouver Sun
The   Lost   Squadron:   A   Fleet   of   Warplanes   Locked   in   Ice   for   Fifty   Years by David Hayes, ISBN 0-7868-6048-0. Editorial Reviews    Booklist: In    July_    1942,    two    B-17s    and    six    P-38s    belly-landed    onto    the    Greenland icecap.   Nowadays,   except   for   one   of   the   planes,   they   are   250   feet   under   the cap's   surface.   The   exception,   now   being   restored   to   flight   worthiness,   was excavated   in   1992.   The   vintage   plane   world   is   all   agog   about   this   resurrection, and   this   documentation   verily   meets   every   demand   for   every   detail   of   the   expeditions   that located   and   dug   out   the   Lightning   fighter.   Pictures   galore,   including   insouciant   snapshots   of their   mishap   taken   in   1942   by   the   original   pilots   (all   were   safely   rescued),   accent   the   winding chronicle   of   discovery   and   recovery.   It   started   with   two   Georgian   aviators   who   in   1980   became fixated   on   finding   the   planes,   infected   others   with   their   enthusiasm,   and   then   hauled   off   to Greenland,   ice   augurs,   ice-penetrating   radars,   and   metal   detectors   in   tow.   Author   Hayes   does this   group   proud   and   truthful   (he   doesn't   flinch   from   telling   its   infighting   and   animosities),   and airplane   aficionados   will   examine   every   page,   studded   as   the   pages   are   with   hundreds   of   color photos. Gilbert Taylor Ingram A   lavishly   illustrated   work   records   the   amazing   reclamation   of   a   fleet   of   American   World   War   II warplanes   buried   in   ice   in   Greenland   since   the   war   and   recovered   by   two   amateur   aviation enthusiasts. 35,000 first printing.  On   28   Dec   2002   when   we   first   hosted   this   book   it   was   found   to   be   out   of   print. Apparently   it   has returned,   and   is   available   at   This   book   was   recommended   by   Harry   Higgins,   WW- II P-38 Pilot Extraordinaire.  
    From    Pearl    Harbor    to    Calvary     by    Gordon    Prange.    350    pages    with numerous   photos.   Mitsuo   Fuchida   was   the   career   aviator   who   led   the attack   on   Pearl   Harbor   and   participated   in   the   most   fiercest   battles   of the   Pacific   war.   A   valuable   record   of   major   events,   his   life's   story   is   also   one of   a   man   swept   along   by   his   times.   Reared   in   the   vanished   culture   of   early twentieth-century   Japan,   war   hero   Fuchida   returned   home   to   become   a   simple farmer.   After   a   scandalous   love   affair   came   his   remarkable   conversion   to Christ   and   years   of   touring   the   world   as   an   evangelist.   God's   Samurai   is   a revealing,   personal   look   at   both   the   war   and   the   century   from   the   Japanese perspective.    For    additional    information    provided    by    Mitsuo    Fuchida,    click HERE .  
The    indigenous    Aleut    peoples    occupied    the    Aleutian    Islands    beginning    some    9,000    years    ago.    Their    first encounters   with   “outsiders”   appears   to   have   been   with   Russian   fur   traders   that   discovered   an   abundance   of easily   harvested   fur   from   seals   and   other   fur-bearing   animals   found   in   the   Aleutian   Island   chain…and   points further   east   along Alaska’s   western   shores.   The   following   contributions   are   from   Wendy   Svarny-Hawthorne,   Chief Executive   Officer   with   the   Ounalashka   Corporation ,   the   Alaska   Native   Village   corporation   for   Unalaska,   Alaska, formed   in   1973   under   the   Alaska   Native   Claims   Settlement   Act   of   1971.   We   are   extremely   grateful   for   Wendy’s contributions   to   our   Bibliography   page   linking   us   to   these   books   about   the   Aleut   and   other   tribal   peoples   of Alaska!  
When   the   Wind   Was   a   River:   Aleut   Evacuation   in   World   War   II    by   Dean Kohlhoff.   Published   by   the   University   of   Washington   Press   in   1995, ISBN    0-295-97403-6.    The    late    Professor    Kohlhoff    has    assigned    his royalties    from    this    publication    to    the    Aleut    educational    program    of    the Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Association.
Unangam Ungiikangin Kayux Tunusangin,  Unangam Uniikangis Ama Tunuzangis: AleutTales and Narratives, collected 1909-1910 by Waldemar Jochelson, edited by Knut Bergsland and Moses L. Dirks. Published by the Alaska Native Language Center, College of Liberal Arts, University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1990, ISBN1-55500-036-3. This is a collection of wax cylinder recordings of storytellers in the years stated that have been carefully transcribed and translated by the editors in both the Aleut language (Unangam Tunuu) and in English. There is a lot of historical background presented, and quite a few pictures.
The   Etholén   Collection:   The   Ethnographic   Alaskan   Collection   of   Adolf Etholén   and   his   contemporaries   in   the   National   Museum   of   Finland,    By PIRJO   VARJOLA.   with   contributions   by   JULIA   P. AVERKIEVA   and   ROZA G.   LIAPUNOVA.   Helsinki:   National   Board   of   Antiquities   of   Finland,   1990.   336 pp.   559   color   and   b/w   illustrations;   catalog;   appendix;   bibliographies.   Out   of print, $96 in 1992. ISBN 10: 9519075429 ⁄ ISBN 13: 9789519075426. Published   by   the   National   Board   of   Antiquities   of   Finland.   This   book   has been   seen   in   a   lot   of   museums   in   the   US.   A   little   pricey,   but   it's   a   beautifully photographed   record   of   the   collection   from   all   tribes   in   Alaska.   The   section on   the   Aleut   has   some   really   nice   examples   of   traditional   clothing,   bentwood and other headgear, basket weaving, and ivory carvings. Also available via AbeBooks                                                     and Alibris                          . Our   sincere   thanks   to   Wendy   Svarny-Hawthorne,   Jill   Holmgren,   Ray   Hudson,   and   the   kind folks,   Suzi   Golodoff   and   Dirks   at   Ounalashka    for   their   assistance   researching   the   availability   of this book, and for making us aware of its very existence in the first place! ******************** There   are   several   on-line   sites   hosting   this   book,   usually   associated   with   academia   or   other research    organizations,    which    also    usually    restrict    access    to    their    material…hoping    to capitalize   by   having   visitors   register   or   sign   up   with   their   site…and   requiring   an   accompanying fee. I’ve listed a few possibilities here, including the book’s origins at Finland’s Museum: The National Museum of Finland ResearchGate Oxford Journals EZBOOKS Anchorage Museum


7th Infantry Div. & Baptism of Fire available from Traditions Military Videos. An Army Training Tape. Call 1-800-277-1977 or visit their website at  [Search on “7th Infantry”] (Ref. Bob Watson)
Report from the Aleutians a WWII Documentary directed by John Huston. Film shot mostly on Adak, with a ride-along on Kiska bombing runs. This tape is available from United American Video, P.O.Box 7563, Charlotte, NC 28217. (Ref. Bob Watson)  [Note: to view at no cost, click HERE. WikiPedia access, click HERE.]
The Winds of War An NBC Dateline presentation, Shane Bishop Producer. A story about two unlikely participants engaged in the Battle for Attu. [The title for this video conflicted with a 1983 movie of the same title, starting Robert Michum and Ali MacGraw.] This excellent production appears to no longer be available from NBC…or other sources. You would have to contact NBC to see if you can obtain a copy from them.
The Bloody Aleutians Seen originally as a History Channel presentation, now available from A broad treatment of WWII in the Aleutians. Very well done by Mediabridge Entertainment of Canada for the Jones Entertainment Group (The History Channel), produced by Eugene Birman for "The History Channel." In 1942, a lonely, desperate battle was waged in one of the most desolate places on earth. Few realize, however, that this grueling WWII battle or The Forgotten Battle was fought on American soil. Japan in fact occupied the US Aleutian Islands in the Alaskan far north strategically located on the Pacific Great Circle trade routes for nearly one year. Focusing on the unsung heroes who fought in this deadly and merciless landscape, HISTORY reveals the untold story of the battle for the Aleutians through a wealth of archival material, penetrating interviews with campaign veterans, and a rich historical perspective provided by the nation s leading experts. Now for the first time, THE BLOODY ALEUTIANS narrates an incredible saga of conflict, courage, and valor in the northernmost reaches of the nation.
Alaska At War Through rare Japanese and American film footage, you'll see the rugged, inhospitable conditions under which this dramatic campaign was fought and the heroism of U.S. and Japanese soldiers in combat. Winner of the CINE Golden Eagle Award for excellence. Approximately 60 minutes. Originally found at visit Alaska Video Publishing's online store, where you can also find other videos relating to Alaska. You can call them at 800-770-4545 to order videos direct.
The Cradle of Storms The Aleutians, Cradle of the Storms, World War II , tells the story of a beautiful and raw land and its people who have endured and survived wave after wave of invaders and a relentless, unpredictable climate. The Aleutian Islands span the seas between Alaska and Siberia, a desolate necklace of wind-stripped terrain, ravaged by weather that has earned it the name 'the cradle of the storms'. It is also home to a vast and impressive array of wildlife. The natives flourished on this remote chain for thousands of years. Though the land offered little and the weather was extreme, they were nourished by the sea and so, had led lives of quiet self-reliance. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor forced America into the Second World War. Eventually the U.S. began fortifying the Aleutians. Army and Navy facilities were built in Dutch Harbor, Unalaska and on the nearby islands. And Atka's Nazan Bay became a place to land Navy seaplanes. The once tranquil islands were being transformed into a major military base. This film tells the story of the native Aleuts as the violence of World War II arrives on their islands. Even in the face of such devastation, the Aleutian people endured and thrive today.  
Most of the book and video titles featured on our bibliography page are available at We’ve included direct links via the logo icon to along with each item’s description. You can also search directly via the application link below. You can enter the title of the product you’re looking for, or its ISBN number. They offer decent prices for the books and videos, and can also order out of print books for you.
KUNSTKAMERA Ray Hudson found a book published in 2014 from the “Peter the Great Museum (Kunstkamera) in St. Petersburg, Russia:” Kunstkamera Aleuty: Catalog Kollekcii Kunstkamery [The Aleutians: Kunstkamera’s Collections Catalogue] Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), St.Petersburg, 2014. The book focuses on their Aleut collections. At present, it’s only in Russian. The books on Tlingit and Kodiak collections, I believe, have been translated. I understand that the Smithsonian’s Arctic Studies Center at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmussen Center in Anchorage may be trying to get it published in English, but I haven’t heard anything recently about this project. While this book is difficult to find for sale these days, one can in the meantime view the museum’s objects on-line at the Museum’s website. Here’s the link: By clicking on the major topic of interest as presented on the menu at the left-side of the page, then clicking on an image item under that heading, a new page appears related to just that object.  Articles are often referenced to a location known as “Russian America.” Click HERE for a bit of that location’s history. (Ray Hudson) HLSWILLIWAW.COM sought and was granted permission from Dr. Julia A. Kupina, Deputy Director of MAE RAS of the “Peter The Great Museum Of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) to present on our website several photos from their collection as relates to the Aleutian Islands. We are pleased to be able to present this selection of high definition photos from their collection, which shows the craftsmanship of a people who’ve occupied for over 9,000 years that part of the globe known as the “Aleutian Islands.” The following slideshow illustrates but a few of the Museum’s photos we’ve posted:
Aleut Hunting Hat Aleut Hunting Hat Aleut Hunting Hat Aleut Hunting Hat Aleut Hunting Hat Aleut Hunting Hat Miniature Aleut Hunting Hats From Kayak Models Miniature Aleut Hunting Hats From Kayak Models Miniature Aleut Hunting Hats From Kayak Models

Select Photos from “The Etholén Collection”

(Used by Permission from Suomen kansallismuseo/National Museum of Finland 20161215)
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