“Photo contributions of those who served on Umnak during WWII”

Over the years I've received many unexpected but much appreciated contributions for the Umnak web site.

Some of these contributions include stories as well as pictures of those who were assigned duty in the Aleutians

during WWII. The "Scrapbook" format is intended to keep those stories and pictures grouped together by

individual on a single page, rather than spreading them out on the photo pages.

This page links you to scrapbooks of pictures and information contributed by folks who were either stationed on

Umnak or relatives or friends of veterans who were. We are privileged to have as our first entries for this page

photos and information supplied by Don Blumenthal. Our big thanks to Don for taking his time to scan and

provide these pictures to us! Ed Sidorski has also submitted some great pictures during his tour on Umnak.

Please take time to visit each of these pages to check out the photos...and perhaps get in touch with either Don

or Ed.

Last Updated:  05/02/2017  17:08
Originally Published:  05/04/2001