Shemya wwii units
Units Serving On Shemya During WWII Compiled By The Shemya WWII Veteran’s Association
1st Photo Flight 8th Signal Radio Maintenance Team Advance Command Post, 11th Air Force 11th Fighter Squadron 11th Weather Squadron 18th Engineers (Combat) Regiment 24th Base Headquarters & Air Base Squadron 32nd Service Squadron 54th Fighter Squadron 65th Anti-Aircraft, Battery B 71st Infantry 119th Army Alaskan Communication System 122nd Army Anti-Aircraft Battery 128th Infantry 174th MP Company 177th Engineers Construction Battalion 344th Fighter Squadron 372nd Service Squadron 397th Base Headquarters & Air Base Squadron 400th Base Headquarters & Air Base Squadron 404th Bomb Squadron 408th Signal Company Service Group 464th Base Headquarters & Air Base Squadron 1018th Signal Company Service Group 1128th Quartermaster Company 1910th Quartermaster Truck Company 9427th TSU Signal Corp Alaskan Transportation Service Army Air Base Service Unit Battery E, 40th CA (Harbor Defense) 329th Station Hospital Navy Port Battalion
VPB-122 Navy 2nd Photo Charting Squadron 11th Air Force Finance Detachment 11th Bomber Command, HQ and HQ Squadron 11th Flight Control Squadron 15th Tow Target Squadron 21st Bombardment Squadron 23rd Service Group 28th Bombardment Grp, HQ & HQ Squadron 122nd Army Ground Forces Band 260th Port Battalion (TC) 279th Coast Artillery 364th Infantry 444th Signal Heavy Construction Battalion (AVN) 478th Truck Company 641st Anti-Aircraft Artillery (Automatic Wpns) Bat. 713th Air Raid Warning Squadron 861st Signal Service Company (AVN) 877th Port Company - ATS 880th Port Battalion 890th Chemical Company (Air Operation) 1084th Signal Service Company (AVN) 1740th Ordnance Supply and Maint. CO (AVN) 2055th Ordnance Company (AVN) Naval Construction Battalion Provisional Infantry Regiment, Including elements of 37th, 53rd, 153rd, and 198th Infantry.
Table extracted from the book "The Forgotten War, Volume TWO," by Stan Cohen