Shemya handbook
On August 13th, 2006, I received a notice from Eddie Smith, a Shemya resident from 1959-1960, that he had a copy of the 1960 Welcome to Shemya Air Force Station Hand Book. Ed was kind enough to have had his paper copy scanned and converted to PDF files, which he then sent to us for posting on our Shemya web site. Eddie has since sent me his copy of the handbook, which I've totally re-scanned from scratch and posted on our web site in PDF format. I found the artwork to be humorous, and while simple, sure did drive home the subject messages. A/2C Raymond Luske did the drawings for the hand book. Ray currently lives in Northern California, while Eddie lives in Oregon. We originally created HTML and PDF versions of the handbook. The PDF version’s pages can be expanded to make reading a little easier if need be and are therefore easier to work with. We’ve therefore deleted the HTML version from this update. Click HERE to view 1960 PDF Version Click HERE to view 1963 PDF Version Online since 11 February 2007