the Shemya informer
When you get a group of people living on an isolated, remote island (such as, for example, Shemya), they ultimately find different ways to spend time after having completed their official tasking for the day. Sometimes they expend their energies in useful pursuits such as publishing a newsletter with intentions of sharing news about those with whom they work with others in the group. "The Shemya Informer" was one such newsletter. This newsletter was reproduced exactly as received, with all spelling, punctuation, syntax, grammar, etc. preserved as presented in the original copy, as much as was technically possible on a web page. We have Dean Enderle to thank for sending the newsletter to us for inclusion within our website. Dean was on the "Rock" from March 1958 through April 1959, assigned to Det 3, 6981st RGM as a 292Xo. As far as is remembered, the "Informer" was a collaboration between probably no more than half a dozen ASA and USAFSS troops combined who came up with the idea and used as content whatever rumors, gossip, exaggerations, etc, etc, happened to be floating around the island at the time. There was also an element of ridicule aimed at certain organizations (Northwest Airlines, or NWA, and the 5040th) and/or some individuals who had earned their scorn by some means or another. There are a few "stories" behind some of the items in the newsletter such as the one about the AF TSgt caught leaving duty early. He was always on somebody's case about punctuality and held himself up to be the perfect example for others to follow when it came to being on time. Well, as it turns out, he wasn't. The article about the shoe polish referred to another individual who was an extreme "Brown Nose" but denied it. So, naturally, the paper accused him indirectly of being what he was by suggesting the shoe polish. As far as any comments referring to the 4050th N.S. (mechanized 5040th support group); they were always a target for ridicule as they always claimed they knew what went on up at our site and that we were not as clever as we thought we were, so naturally we had to pick on them. NWA was also always fair game for any barbs about food, service, etc etc. During those years encompassing their tenure on Shemya, they were involved in various aspects of life on Shemya such as by providing food for "the troops." Click HERE for Page 1