The Denver metro area had received quite a bit of snow on the 20th - 21st of December in 2006. The snow started around 8am in the western foothills. It snowed for 24-36 hours straight, leaving the Front Range under 1-3 feet of snow. DIA was closed for two days, resulting in some 2,000 flights being cancelled.

A second storm system was being tracked at this time. By December 27th, 2006, another winter storm was about to hit denver. Around noontime on December 28th snow was falling once again across the Denver metro area. Thunder and lightning was present during this snowstorm, indicating a very unstable atmosphere...the cause of having a snowfall rate of 2-4" per hour for several hours.

By the 28th and 29th of December, we had snowdepths ranging from 1 to 2.5 feet in the foothills and from 6 - 18 inches across the city. Lakewood, a western suburb of Denver, received yet another 8.5" of the white stuff. The official recorded snowfall for the month of December, 2006, for Denver was 29.4"

The community of Silver Valley, located in Lakewood, CO., had received snow in such amounts that we were running out of places to store the snow removed from the streets. Wooden fences were ultimately destroyed, as were many trees and assorted vegetation throughout Silver Valley as a result of snow being dumped wherever possible.

The December snowstorms of 2006 was one of the snowiest on record, ranking just behind 1913 and 1973.

Photos by Nadine & George Smith.