Carlsbad Caverns, NM Visitor Center

Carlsbad Caverns is an amazing place to visit. We visited the caverns on the 6th of June, 2007 while the visitor center was undergoing major renevations. This construction activity should be finished by now.

The cave climate is typically around 56 F so bring along a light jacket or sweater. Depending upon how long you visit each of the cave's features, it takes around 2-3 hours to journey through the "big room." Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, preferably ones having rubber soles that provides good traction.

You can chose to engage in either of two self-guided tours or you can take a guided tour. Reservations are recommended if you are thinking of taking a guided tour.

It is dark in the cave, with just enough artificial lighting provided to view the wonders the cave has to offer. While the trails and cave features are electrically lit, you may want to bring along a flashlight. If you intend on taking photos inside the cave, make sure to bring along a flash attachment having the ability to cast a LOT of light, otherwise you will only get pictures of items close to you with lots of darkness for filler.

The pictures taken on our visit vary in their composition. Due to the vastness and expansive nature of the cave's interior, many of our photos were taken with a 180 degree "fisheye" lens. A standard lens having a focal length of around 55 will see only limited amounts of scenery in any given single shot. Therefore, you will see in some of our photos a degree of distortion caused by the fisheye lens and then "unfolding" the image to present a more normal view. You will see everything in a 180 degree swath at the point of taking the photos.

Just recently 116 of these fisheye photos were "unfolded," color corrected, and added to the slide show...they were left in their original "folded" format with no corrections for color or exposure in the first iteration of this show.