The Amarillo RV Ranch Campsite's office.The Amarillo RV Ranch Campsite's office.Parked in our spot at the Amarillo RV Ranch Campsite.Our 17' Casita RV looks small alongside the adjoining behemoths!Overcast skies bring a bit of rain along with a cold wind.Nice quiet neighbors!An RV to be admired!I wonder if this one belongs to the Clampett family?Is there oil nearby? I'll bet at least under the truck's engine!Streamlined at least!Wonder if this one travelled Route 66?I'd claim this one to be our new RV!Suitcase looks a little worse for wear?I like that tail light!Even comes with a built-in tub!Nadine going for a 20oz steak at The Big Texan Restaurant!Check it out! (No, couldn't do the 72oz steak!)I did a large fillet...fantastic! Best I'd ever had anywhere!
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Suitcase looks a little worse for wear?