Bryce Canyon National Park, UT, 16 May - 19 May 2011:

We broke camp at Williams, AZ (Grand Canyon) early in the morning of 16 May, 2011, a cold blustery day with temps in the 50's accompanied with wind gusts up to 50 mph. We headed north towards Bryce Canyon, UT, a projected 316 miles away...a good day's drive. We left Williams at 08:50 AM, and arrived at Page, AZ, 166 miles down the road, at 12:36 PM. We stopped at McDonalds for lunch and to stretch our's and the dog's legs, and gassed up at a local station while we were at it. Used up almost 12 gallons of gas to travel the 166 miles, which equated to us having achieved only around 14 mpg. I guess that's not too bad, given the altitude we were climbing and the loads we were carrying.

We finally arrived at Ruby's Inn RV Park located at the edge of Bryce Canyon National Park at 3:30 PM on the 16th of May, 2011, 150 miles away from Page, AZ, 316 miles from Williams, AZ, a 6 hr 40 minute ride, including stops along the way. We had by now accumulated 2,844 miles on this trip.

There are no campsite discounts offered by the Ruby's Inn RV Park folks. Most campsites offer a AAA, Good Sam, or Military discount. Not here! Our fee per night was $40.95, or $137.96 with tax for a three night stay. This was one of the highest fees we'd paid along the way. There are other campsites near Bryce Canyon, but we didn't check into their prices, etc.

The rest of our first day on site was spent setting up the trailer, getting cleaned up, and going to Ruby's Inn Restaurant for dinner. Good food, at tourist prices.

We subsequently visited the Bryce Canyon National Park Visitor's Center on the morning of the 17th of May, where they had a lot of interesting displays, along with a 30-minute movie presentation regarding the Park and its attractions.

At 13:30 hrs on the 17th we boarded a bus which took us on a guided tour of the park (the "Rainbow" tour of Bryce Canyon)...this tour was charge! And...the driver/tour guide was most knowledgeable regarding the park's attractions, and told many stories of a local flavor along the way...including tales of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid who hung out in the area.

Upon returning to Ruby's Inn area we visited their "old town" district set up specifically for tourists...where many interesting rocks, etc. are for sale. Some stores were closed...perhaps too early in the season for them!

The morning of the 18th of May found a half-inch of snow on the ground, with snow flurries, and temps ranging throughout the morning from 34 - 52 F, with overcast skies. We visited the Ruby's Inn gift shop and had breakfast at their restaurant, then hung out around the trailer for the rest of the day, with laundry a major accomplishment for the day!

On the morning of the 19th we awakened once again to low temps (39F) and snow. We broke camp and left the campsite at 09:22 AM, heading out to Arches National Park, UT...the last stop before heading home,..and another 277 miles away.