We travelled from our campsite at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ for the 2 1/2 hour drive to Mesa, AZ starting early in the morning of the 9th of May, 2011. We arrived at the Aztec RV Park located in Mesa, AZ around noon. With the help of one of the campsite's hands we finally successfully backed into our assigned spot. This was really our first time at this, and took us around 20 minutes or so to accomplish. The adjoining road was fairly narrow, making it difficult to back in. However, once parked, we were able to enjoy the spacious concrete pad alongside the trailer when setting up for a bit of a stay there.

Our Aunt Millie came to visit on setup day, and toured our new trailer. Millie and her husband had RV'd for years in a large Class-A motor home, so this small by comparison trailer was a bit cramped for her! Millie, now in her mid-80's, still wheels her cars around with no problems!

On Tuesday, the 10th of May, Millie picked us up and we headed for one of Mesa's finest restaurants, the Landmark. One had better be hungry when ordering from their menu...the portions are generous to a fault! Nadine ordered Prime Rib, I the stuffed meatloaf. As always, the food was excellent! Yes, I even did dessert! If one ventures back to the Landmark's buffet area, you will encounter great-grandmother's stove as well as other period kitchen pieces. Be carefull walking up or down the steep staircase...one can easily slip and take a tumble! One way to work off a few calories in a hurry!

The 11th of May, 2011, found us bringing our Tahoe in to Power Chevrolet dealer in Mesa to have the Remote Keyless Entry door locks repaired. Seems the "actuators" ceased to function properly after 3-years of much use! Good thing they were on warranty! We spent the morning and the rest of the afternoon visiting with Millie while waiting for the car repairs to be finished. We ate breakfast at Millie's favorite breakfast spot, the Village Inn. Was good, as always!

The weather in Mesa was beautiful during our stay...in the 70's as I recall, unlike the triple-digit temperatures yet to come. We even had an opportunity to lower the Casita's awning and try it out!

We left Mesa on the morning of Thursday, 11 May 2011, for Williams, AZ and the Grand Canyon.