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Apollonia Organ #1002

Measuring over twenty-five feet long and weighing over two tons, this dance organ was originally manufactured in 1926 as organ no. 1002 by the preeminent Antwerp firm of Theofiel Mortier, S.A. It was remanufactured into is present configuration by another famous Antwerp company, Gebroeders Decap, in 1950. The largest organs made by the Decap brothers were often given unique names; "Apollonia" is the female form of "Apollo," the Greek god of the sun and music. During its working life, this organ was owned by the firm Gebroeders M. & G. Tuegels, which provided organs for the popular circuit of dance halls and traveling shows. It remained in Teugels's collection until the mid-1980s, when it was imported into the United States by an American collector.


Orientation : 1

Resolution Unit : 2

Equip Model : HDR-CX520V

Equip Make : SONY

Date Time : 2012:05:28 14:08:43

Y Resolution : 72/1

X Resolution : 72/1

YCbCr Positioning : 2