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Japanese Masks, Noh


Noh Artists Perform the Noh Aoi Ue (The Lady Aoi)

Music of the Noh theater creates a mystic atmosphere, transporting audiences into the world of the characters.

The music has a mysterious quality, with three drums and a single flute providing the backdrop for highly symbolic poetic texts. Captivated by the poetry's rich imagery, the audience envisions the settings for each scene. Actors move slowly across the bare stage, performing centuries-old plays written by father-son playwrights Kan'ami and Zeami. The actor's ornate costumes are works of art with lead characters cloaked in expressive masks.

Often, the Noh plays are Buddhist morality tales that teach the futility of clinging to material values as well as the need to follow one's path of duty and responsibility. Over centuries, Noh grad developed into the graceful and refined masked theater that it is today.

Left Column, top to bottom:
O-tobide (mask); wood, 20th c.
Kagekiyo (mask): wood, 20th c.
Yoroboshi (mask); wood, 20th c.
Kojo (mask); wood, 20th c.

Right Column, top to bottom
Hakushikijo (mask); wood, 20th c.
Wakaonna (mask); wood, 20th c.
Shojo (mask); wood, 20th c.


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