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The Big Drum

The Big Drum originated in the Plains but is now at the heart of intertribal social gatherings called powwows throughout North America.

The Northern style of big-drum music tends to have a faster tempo and high nasal-pitched singing, while the Southern style is slower and is accompanied by a lower vocal range. There are also regional distinctions in the instrument: Northern beaters are usually fur-covered, while Southern ones are frequently made from buckskin or sheepskin.

Crafted from a wide array of materials, often including buffalo skin, the Big Drum is played in unison by a number of drummers as they sing. Big-drum music accompanies various styles of dances at powwows.


Orientation : 1

Resolution Unit : 2

Equip Model : HDR-CX520V

Equip Make : SONY

Date Time : 2012:06:12 10:15:45

Y Resolution : 72/1

X Resolution : 72/1

YCbCr Positioning : 2