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The Concert Band

A new type of band---the concert band---developed in the United States in the mid-to-late 19th century.

These popular community bands were derived from military bands, but were larger and included a wider variety of instruments than the traditional brass used in military contexts. One of the most popular Amearican bands of the early 20th century was the one led by John Philip Sousa. Although best known for playing marches, ironically, they never played while marching. Sousa's band also performed opera excerpts, orchestral pieces, popular songs, and light classics. In a time of limited access to recordings and symphony orchestras, the Sousa band became a live concert sensation, touring both the United States and the world many times.


Orientation : 1

Resolution Unit : 2

Equip Model : HDR-CX520V

Equip Make : SONY

Date Time : 2012:06:12 14:45:01

Y Resolution : 72/1

X Resolution : 72/1

YCbCr Positioning : 2