Apalachia; DulcimersApalachia; Dulcimers and BanjosAutoharp (plucked zither); Played by Kilby SnowMarxophone, autoharps, and dulcimers (keyed zithers)Jean Ritchie Playing Dulcimer With Her Father Balis RitchieHome ConcertsHamond Leslie Organ"Pride of Arizona" Cesario Uniform, U of A, AZ"Koto Harp-Guitar;" Phoenix, AZ"O'ele'n Strings" (plucked lute); Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 1981.Indian School BandRecording Studio Equipment; 300-3 Multitrack Tape RecorderAmpex 351 Full-trackTape Recorder, 1/2" tapeMagnetic Tape BoxesWestern Electric 23C Speech Input Mixing ConsoleAudio Equipment RackRecording Artist Displays: Marty Robins, Buck OwensThe MIM Conservation Lab
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Autoharp (plucked zither); Played by Kilby Snow