Located at Nakagusuku CastleNakagusuku CastleNakagusuku CastleNakagusuku Castle; Annette, Tom, and Roxanne SmithView from Nakagusuku Castle wallView from Nakagusuku Castle wallNakagusuku Castle; Annette, Tom, and Roxanne SmithNakagusuku CastleTom on horseback at Nakagusuku CastleAnnette Wahl-Smith (DeWitt), Tom, and Roxanne Smith at Nakagusuku CastleDescending Stairs at Suicide Cliff (Mabuni Hill)Nakagusuku CastleNakagusuku Castle; Storage BarnNakagusuku CastleView along a Nakagusuku Castle wallNakagusuku Castle inner groundsView from Nakagusuku Castle WallNakagusuku Castle inner grounds
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Descending Stairs at Suicide Cliff (Mabuni Hill)