Okinawa: 1968-1971, Part 1

I was assigned to PACAF's 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing located at Naha AFB, Okinawa late in the summer of 1968. If I elected to be accompanied by family, thus elongating my tour time, I had to first travel to Okinawa by myself then find suitable housing off base before I could send for my family. It took about three months or so to locate a home as there had been a "housing strike" by the Okinawan landlords. my family finally arrived on Okinawa during the fall of 1968.

During time off, we would act as tourists, checking each site during our 3 year stay on the Island. We visited Hedo Point, Kin Kannon Temple and caves, Mabuni Hill (Suicide Cliff) and the Peace Memorial, the Namanoue Shrine, the Teahouse of the August Moon, along with countless other points of interest. We even attended an annual Obon festival and Dragon Boat races during our stay.

We lived at A-7 Oroku Housing, just off Naha AFB's back gate (no longer in existence). Our house was around 800 sq. ft., having three bedrooms, a small kitchen, living room, laundry room, and bathroom.

Imagine as you view these slides, especially those taken during the summer months, the temperature being 90 degrees F, and the humidity at around 80% or more.

My Okinawa sight-seeing slides consist of two Kodak Carousel slide trays (80 each). The are Kodachrome slides, slightly damaged over the years by mold (acquired initially on Okinawa), and required some extensive rehab using Photoshop. A 2nd Okinawan presentation (Part 2) is being assembled from remaining trays.