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Naha, Okinawa; Kokusai Dori from Dept. Store (1971)

Naha, Okinawa; Kokusai Dori from Dept. Store (1971)

Kokusai Street is the main entertainment strip in Naha and runs for about 1.6 km, stretching from Palette Kumoji (Ryubo department store) to the Asato intersection. There are many souvenir shops as well as eating and drinking establishments lining both sides of the street. Every side street off of Kokusai Street has a unique atmosphere: Heiwadori; and the Kousetsu Ichiba (marketplace) with an old-style appearance and feeling; Tsuboya Yachimun Street, full of pottery shops and galleries; and Ukishima and Sakurazaka streets, the new favorites with the young crowd. The night life on Kokusai Dori is always busy with clubs, bars, and cheap eateries open until the wee hours of the morning. Kokusai Dori ends at the main bus terminal in Okinawa. There is also a station for Okinawa's only train system, the Yui Rail monorail Since Kokusai Street becomes one way at certain times of day, it might be a good idea to park your car and see the area by foot. Traffic is always very busy on Kokusai Street, and parking is hard to find, but a few pay lots do exist. Also, although extremely difficult to locate, there are some places where you can park for free, but it usually takes a few trips to Naha and the help of an experienced friend to show you where they are located.


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