shemya wwii veteran’s database
With the initial construction of our Veterans Database page beginning in 1996 all WWII Shemya Veteran’s entries were sent to me via email. Upon receipt I would spend the time manually entering the data onto a single HTML page. The effort was very time consuming, tedious, and fraught with errors. As the Vets' page began to grow in length it began to take several minutes to download with average modem speeds of less than 56kb/sec. Our solution was to create a web- based database to enhance the download times, and to also create a data entry form whereby the vet or their representative could enter the data themselves. I also created several pages whereby a visitor could filter the data in order to view select records based upon what they were looking for. For example, one could select to view records by a veteran's last name, unit assigned, and so forth. New construction and the elimination of direct access to data entry into the database as a result of massive SPAM entries has evolved our Shemya WWII database into a simple Xcel spreadsheet. If you have an entry you’d like to share, please contact the webmaster who will manually enter your submission to the spreadsheet. [WEBMASTER]