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The Haunted Rockies DVD

Their rugged and beautiful slopes were a siren call to some and a daunting barrier to others. As Americans swept westward with the frontier, the Rockies became peppered with boomtowns built on silver and gold, and the difficult passes claimed the lives of many pioneers.

Today, Colorado bears many reminders of its rugged origins, ghost towns left to crumble above played-out mines and former frontier communities transformed into resort destinations. And, according to many, there are more unusual connections to the past as well. HAUNTED ROCKIES heads into the mountains with paranormal experts to visit some of the sites where ghosts from the past mingle with guests of today. In the frontier town of Buckskin Joe, the malevolent shade of a miner haunts a structure once used for public hangings. In a Cripple Creek hotel, the ghost of a frontier woman hides room keys, lights candles and turns on the lights in the room in which she died. And these are just a couple of the spectral characters introduced in this delightfully chilling video.

At each stop, we'll hear from those who claim to have encountered the spirits, and learn the tragic and fascinating stories behind the hauntings.


Online as of 14 June 2001