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DIRECTIONS: There are both "2D" and "3D" panoramics available, with 2D images being able to rotate primarily in a horizontal direction only, while 3D panoramics can be rotated in both horizontal and vertical directions. After selecting a panoramic by clicking on any of the buttons (or alternate text links) below, the page with the panoramic will open and a period of time will pass with just the "Zoom Viewer" logo being displayed. It is during this time that the panoramic image and Java viewer is being downloaded to your PC's browser. Depending upon how large the file is (file size is indicated below the selection buttons) and how you connect to the Internet (telephone line modem, DSL or cable modem), the time to download will of course vary. Once the download has completed, the image will appear, replacing the Zoom Viewer logo, and will be spinning horizontally in a 360 degree circle. To stop the spinning, simply click anywhere on the image with your mouse pointer. You can then left-click and drag in any direction you'd like to view additional components of the image. You can also hold down the "Shift" or  "Ctrl" key while dragging to zoom in or out of the image.  You can also use the control buttons available on the viewer as well. These panoramas display using the Browser's Java capabilities. If you don't have Java support for your Browser installed on your PC, then you may experience difficulties viewing these panoramas. Newly implemented browser security features, such as blocking Java applets from working, etc., may foil your efforts to view these panoramas. If you don't have Java support (the Java Virtual Machine) on your PC, you can go HERE, then download and install the Sun Java Runtime file.


It snowed from the 28th of November, 2004 and into the 29th. This 3D panorama was taken around 9am on the morning of the 29th. It was still heavily overcast, so lighting was not optimal.

Park Pano 1

1.08 MB


It snowed from the 28th of November, 2004 and into the 29th. This 3D panorama was taken around 9:15am on the morning of the 29th. It was still heavily overcast, so lighting was not optimal.

Park Pano 2

1.4 MB


This 3D panoramic is of the Beaver Creek Resort Courtyard located to the north of the Park Hyatt Hotel, and was taken at 9:00am (thus the long shadows) on the 6th of November 2004. Beaver Creek is located in the mountain community of Avon, CO, just west of Vail along I-70. This image download size is approximately 580KB.

Beaver Creek

580 KB


This 3D panorama consists of photos taken a few miles to the north of Avon, CO, home of Beaver Creek Resorts, on the 5th of November 2004 at around 1pm. More precisely, we were located at N39 degrees 39.5205 min by W106 degrees 31.0237 minutes at an altitude of 8,829 feet. If you manipulate the image so that you are looking almost into the sun, you will see ski trails on the mountains below surrounding the resort area, with the town of Avon, CO just north (towards you) of Highway 70. This file is rather large at 708KB, so give it time to download from the web server and to set itself up in the image viewer. Once loaded into the Java viewer, you can left-click on the image to stop it from moving, then also you can click on the image and drag in a direction to change the perspective of the image.

Avon, CO

708 KB


This 3D panoramic is of the greenbelt in our backyard, showing the south-side of Stone House Park looking north, and was taken on October 10th, 2004 at around 1pm.


397 KB


This 2D panoramic is of the Red Rocks Amphitheater located near Golden and Morrison, CO.  It was taken early in the morning (9am), so the lighting wasn't the greatest.

Red Rocks

525 KB


This 2D Panoramic is of the west-side of Rocky Mountain National Park along Trail Ridge Road, and was taken on 5-18-2002. It is provided in two resolutions to accommodate slower and faster modems. If you are running a phone modem connection, then select the 222 kB file size (Trail Ridge Road 1). If you are running a cable or DSL modem, you may find it worth while to download the 598 kB version (Trail Ridge Road 2) to enjoy a little higher image quality with enhanced detail.

Trail Ridge Road LowRes

222 KB


Trail Ridge Road HiRes

598 KB



A 2D panoramic view along Mt. Evans road. The forest fire near Boulder, CO. can be seen in the background.

Mt. Evans Road

114 KB


A 2D panoramic of Stone House Park, Lakewood, CO, 22 January 2001.

Stone House Park

474 KB

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