Photo Collections

Every now and then we take a break to wander around the country looking for things to take pictures of. Here's a few links to collections of photos from these ventures. There are three types of slide show presentations to be found here: those produced using Photodex's ProShow Producer, those produced using Shozam, and those produced using Adobe's Photoshop Elements. Each have unique features associated with their presentations. Click HERE to learn more about these various presentation formats, and to learn which would work best for you.

ProShow Productions (Flash & ProShow Presenter Formats)

Shozam Productions (Flash & HTML)

Photoshop Elements Productions (Flash)

YouTube Productions


Be sure to see our 2D & 3D Panoramic Photos


[Note: Flash versions require the Adobe FLASH plug-in, Photodex "Presenter" versions require the Photodex "Presenter" plug-in for your browser. Shozam versions are, with the exception of the "Intro" screens...which are in Flash format....all standard HTML formats. Update: Adobe will cease support for FLASH videos on 30 Dec 2020.]


*** More To Come ***

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