(The Other Missiles of October)


George L Smith

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The story of Chrysler Corporation Missile Division's Installation and Checkout Team 2 and their activities in 1961 and 1962 involved in establishing Jupiter missile sites in Turkey as seen from the perspective of George L. Smith, then a 19-year old member of the team. These Jupiter missiles would become a contributing factor during the Cuban missile crisis of October, 1962.

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The Missile Crises menu selection brings you to a talking paper that addresses the role Jupiter Missiles played during the Missile Crisis of October 1962, and the confrontation between then President Kennedy and the Premiere of Russia, N. Krushchev.

For an inside story of our journey to Turkey, our experiences there...including working with the Jupiter Missiles... from a personal perspective, click HERE for the PDF document.

Note: I was fortunate to have received anecdotal updates via email to two of the stories I had included in my "Jupiter Missiles in Turkey" story (above link) from Ron Robertson. Click HERE to read his updates.

[NOTE: If any of our visitors has photos taken at Cigli AFB, please get in touch! I've had requests to post some of the base, but I don't have any! Contact:] Thanks!

CMSgt Ron Dupell sent several photos of Cigli AFB flight line and housing, along with several pictures of downtown Izmir. Check these out, click HERE.