Shemya Post-wwii
Shemya continued to be occupied by members of the U.S. Armed Forces and DoD civilians after the cessation of hostilities with the axis powers in 1945. The "cold war" was a reality. Now North America was under the threat of attack from a former WWII ally, Russia. The cold war had its casualties as well, however, due to the classified nature of many of the engagements, these were not highly advertised to the public. The photos on these pages are about those who worked quietly behind the scenes while stationed on Shemya to protect the North American continent and its people from yet another invasion and even more casualties, and to preserve the peace we've all longed for since WWII. Photos on these pages were supplied by the many visitors to this site over the past several decades. Original photos posted in 1996 when I began this website were of my experience on Shemya from April 1975 - April 1976. These photos were scanned at a resolution and size that would fit most monitors. Most photos are 600 pixels wide at 96 dpi, all are in JPG format. Image file sizes average 50kB or less. Click on the image thumbnails and an enlarged photo will appear with additional controls. You can navigate from page-to-page by clicking on a menu tab at the top of the page. Rick Hughes provided a coordinates map for us to use to identify locations on the Island of Shemya. Access to this map can be had by clicking on the "compass" icon, which will bring up an additional browser containing the map. Each photo description contains, when provided, the coordinates at which the photo was taken.
Photo by Gary Rosing