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Website Beginnings

In 1996 word about the “web” began dominating our discussions about connecting to and sharing data with others “online,” at a time when telephone modems were in vogue exchanging data at around 50kB on a good day with just a few sources offering such connectivity. Colorado was going online! And so did we!

Our First Website

Having found a local Internet Provider (Rocky Mountain Internet…no longer with us), I immediately went online, procured some rudimentary web page authoring apps, and built our first website: “The Aleutians” were our test case. Off and running! The ‘Net evolved slowly, “fast” telephone lines (DSL) were made available, then faster Cable, then Satellites bringing connectivity everywhere. I wanted to bring this technology into our work environment, so was learning everything I could…as fast as I could…about HTML and its role in the scheme of things. Ultimately…we did achieve setting up an “Intranet” at work…another milestone. We also helped several customers get their 1st websites up and running…from crude by today’s standards to ever improving pages having much better visual appeal as opposed to just “content.” And so, we’re now converting all our websites over to this new graphical format! Operating out of Colorado…we have many opportunities to work indoors as well as outdoors…especially during snowstorms…perfect environment for authoring web pages!
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