Hughes/GM/Raytheon Denver Events

Jim Tomlin put together the first HARA Denver web site several years ago...just as the Internet was finding its legs. Using his own resources he located a "free" web server in Canada to host his pages, and obtained a domain name "" to use with the site. When Jim passed away, it took us a year to regain his web assets, renew them, and get the site back up and running.

These fledgling beginnings include links to events as selected via the drop-down tree menu above. Over time I'll update, add to and improve the contents along with the "look and feel" accordingly. For now...just gathering the materials and making them available as I find them. You may want to "refresh" this page as well as other pages as the organization continues...links will more than likely change with time and with the addition of new material.

Over the years the names of some individuals have begun to fade away.  Please take no's a natural process of being out of touch and growing older! If you, as you view these presentations, can provide the names of individuals I've marked with a substitute name of "Unk" (or not at all) I sure would appreciate it! Provide as much info as you can regarding where I might find the "Unks" for which you have information.

If you have photos or other memorabilia you would care to contribute to this process, please get in touch and I'll work it into the site!

HAC Leadership 1969-70