The Aleutians
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The 58th Infantry Regiment, WWII

A couple of requests for information regarding the 58th Infantry Regiment's involvement in the Aleutian Islands during WWII found me with no answers. I searched through two dozen books and the Internet at length looking for information about the 58th Infantry with no luck. Ardon Smith (WWII Attu) came through with this description of the 58th's history in the Aleutians: Here is the scoop on the 58th Infantry Regiment (Separate) in WWII per Order of Battle: 24 Apr 42: activated at Ft Lewis Washington State. May 1942: Staged at Cp Murray Washington State, arriving at Ft Glenn, Alaska, late May 42. June 1942: transferred to Dutch Harbor Alaska. 26 Jan 1944: 58th Infantry Regiment Headquarters disbanded. 26 Jan 1944: the 58th Infantry Regiment's 1st and 2nd Battalions re-designated 203rd & 204th Infantry Battalions. 10 Feb 1944: the 58th's 3rd Battalion was re-designated as the 205th Infantry Battalion. 16 Dec 1944: The 203rd Battalion debarked at Seattle Port of Embarkation, arrived Cp Shelby MS 2 Mar 45. 4 Jan 1945: The 204th Battalion debarked at Seattle Port of Embarkation, arrived at Cp Shelby MS on 8 Mar 45. 7 Aug 1944: The 205th Battalion arrived Attu Alaska, arrived Seattle Port of Embarkation 10 Jan 45, arrived Cp Shelby, MS on 8 Mar 45. 26 Jan 1944: The 198th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, activated in Alaska with personnel and equipment from the 1st Battalion, 71st Infantry Regiment and employed to garrison Aleutian Islands, was re-designated as the 206th Infantry Battalion. No distinctive Insignia authorized for the 58th Infantry Regt, 198 Infantry Regiment, 203rd, 204th, or 205th Infantry Battalions. 15 Feb 1945: the 206th Infantry Battalion debarked at Seattle Port of Embarkation on 15 Feb 45, arrived Cp Shelby, MS 9 May 45. WWII - Order of Battle, U.S.Infantry and Armored Divisions and Separate Infantry Units Battle Reports 1941-1945, Campaign Participants.