The Aleutians
The Lands of 50 mph Fog


4th Infantry 4th Coast Arty 7th Bomb Ssquadron - B25 7th Cavalry Recon 7th Infantry Division 7th Inf Div Scouts 7th Medical Battalion HQ 7th Inf Div Quartermaster, Ft. Ord 8th Army 8th Special Seabees 9th Inf 153 Liasion Div 10th ERBS 11th Air Force 11th AF 404th Bomb Sq 14th Field Hospital Medical Corps 18th Engineer Combat Regiment 18th Fighter Squadron 343rd Fighter Group, 11th AAF 20th Field Hospital 22nd Naval Construction Battalion, Seabees 32nd Med Battalion 37th or 35th Inf 42nd Coast Arty Battalion 42nd Engineers 44th Div 165th Field Arty 48th Field Arty 49th Field Arty 50th Combat Engineers, 7th Inf Div 54th Fighter Group/Squadron 58th Fighter Control Squadron 58th Infantry 68th US Navy Seabees 73rd Bomb Group 28th Composit Group 77th Bomb Sq 78th Coastal Arty, 7th Inf Div 84th Inf Div 95th Inf Div 102nd Radio Intelligence Co 114th Naval Construction Battalion - Seabees 125th Field Hospital 138th Ord Maint Battalion 138th Seabees Battalion 141st AAA Battalion 159th Inf Reg HQ 165th Field Arty 205th Combat Engineers 221st Quartermaster Served Det Station 228th Quartermaster Corp 232 Inf 42nd Div 255th AAA AW 279th Arty Battallion 299th Anti Aircraft Coast Arty 302 Construction Battalion, Pontoon Div 328th Div Engineers Hospital 334th Harbor Craft Co 343rd Fighter Group/Squadron, 11th AAF - Shemya 343rd Transportation Battalion 344th Fighter Sq. 344th Inf Co 397th Base HQ 404th Bomb Squadron 449th Bomb Group 462 Brigade 503rd Anti Aircraft Coast Arty 548th Bomber Squadron, 385 Bomber Group, Heavy 591st AAA AW BN 707th Ordnance Co 709th EPD Co 782nd Field Arty 802nd Battalion 855 Coast Arty Bat 986th Engineers
Air Sea Rescue Airborne Infantry FAW4 HEDRON FAW4 PATSU 10-44, US NAVY HQ Sq FAW4 HQ Harbor Craft TC AD IFF Marine Barracks Military Police NAF Navy 163 Navy Air Facility, Attu NAS 163 Assembly & Repair Dept NAS Attu Naval Aviation Naval Radio Construction Navy Vessel PC-572 Navy Wave NMCB 138th MCB NOB Patrol Sq 62 PATWING 4 VP-62 Seabees US Army Transport Service Maint Platoon USCG Unit 62, Theodore Point, Loran Station USMC 164th Platoon, 3rd Div USS AFD2 US Navy US Naval Air Station Navy 163 USS Harris USS Clermont USS Boxwood USS Iowa USS J. Franklin Bell - 7th Div Transport USS Raleigh USS Saratoga USS Shikellamy AOG-47 USS St. Mihiel AP32 VB-42 VPB-43 VPB-61 Patrol Sq 61 PBY VPB-120 VS48 FAW4 Navy Weather Central Weather Radio Operations, Chichagof Village, Attu Xap Perida Xap Perida Amphibious Unit
This section highlights various military units assigned to the Aleutian’s theater of war. Sources for this information comes from individual guestbook postings of the past, shared information from veterans who served there during WWII, and from the book “Order of Battle.” The following list includes all units that we have discovered to date having served in the Aleutians during WWII. The left column includes numerical unit designations, the right column includes alphabetic unit designations (not related to the numerical units). This listing is more than likely not complete, nor otherwise verified.
Additional units have been added by individuals who are included in our “Attu WWII Veterans” listing.