The Aleutians
The Lands of 50 mph Fog
The Japanese in the Aleutians Links
During our initial build of "The Japanese in the Aleutians" pages, Naomi Tabuchi of Japan sent us a very interesting link. Mr. Mitsuo Fuchida, leader of the pack that attacked Pearl Harbor, had written a book and experienced a most interesting transformation in his life after WWII. For this link, hopefully a first of many, we had to build a links page to compliment this new section dealing with life in the Aleutians as experienced by the Japanese. Hopefully we'll find additional pages to compliment this presentation. From Pearl Harbor to Calvary, by Mitsuo Fuchida US-Japan Dialogue on POWs Attu Flag Returns Home Let War Memorabilia Come Home Returning War Booty Hard Work Dr. Nebu Tatsuguri's Diary An unknown Japanese NCO's Diary Private Tsukiji's Diary Current Update: 22 Nov 2021 Last Updated: 04 January 2013 Originally published 27 August 2005