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P-215 “The Evangel”

I am the retired director of the Assemblies of God archives and museum. I wrote this note for another web site and will share it with you: "In 1950, Ralph Devin, an Assemblies of God missionary to Indonesia, wanted a boat to minister in the islands of Indonesia and New Guinea. He convinced the missionary executives to buy a converted 1943 Army Rescue Boat, the P-215 (used in Alaska and called 'Sealaska'). After being refurbished in Seattle and renamed 'Evangel,' Devin and his crew took the boat to Jakarta via San Francisco and Hawaii. In 1989 I wrote a story about their 5-month trip--with their many mechanical and political problems. Originally planned as a 2-month trip, they lost the rudder at Kwajalein, suffered sicknesses, food poisoning, and experienced engine troubles. Fortunately, they were able to buy salvaged parts on an island to get them to Jakarta. The boat was sold to the Indonesian police in 1954 after being used for missionary service for only 4 years. 'The Evangel Crosses the Pacific' is available from the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, Springfield, MO (, or Best wishes, Wayne Warner."
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