The Aleutians
The Lands of 50 mph Fog
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SUMMER FOGS AND WINTER WINDS OF THE ALEUTIAN ISLANDS (and how to fly despite them) Weather Notes for Pilots
Lt. Commander John Tatom, U. S. Navy, was for several years the Aerological Officer of Fleet Air Wing FOUR of the Pacific Fleet. He had flown in and studied the Aleutian weather, and used his experience to write a pamphlet for those pilots who would fly in the WWII Aleutian weather. The introductory was written by L. E. Gehres, Commodore, U. S. Navy, Commander, Fleet Air Wing Four. As Tatom states, "Aleutian weather has been widely publicized since the outbreak of WWII. In numerous magazine and newspaper articles and over the radio we have heard that the Aleutian area is the home of one of the largest "lows" of the northern hemisphere, that here is the breeding place of th storms, and that here exist the icy gales and the perpetual fogs. I think you will enjoy reading this pamphlet, and I would like to thank my wife, Nadine, for beating out the competition on eBay for this wonderful father's day present...which I am delighted to share with you. To view this document, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system or a browser capable of reading/displaying PDF files. This document file size is 34.6 MB, as it has been scanned at 150dpi for better printout resolution, and I've retained the colors of the document as well. While you can certainly download and save it to your hard drive, if you are running a 28kb modem it might take you around 3 hours to do so. You can, however, choose to view each page, one at a time, served from our web server to your browser. The download time per page depends upon the speed of your modem (here's where a broadband modem, such as cable or DSL, comes in handy), your computer, and the page you choose to view. You can click on the "Bookmarks" tab and navigate to specific pages in this document.
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