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“Veterans who served on Attu during WWII”

This is a WWII Aleutian Veteran’s Database continuation page. Given the limitations of our current webpage authoring

tool’s (XARA Designer Pro X) Table Widget we’ve had to create this added table space on a separate page in order to

include all of those Veterans from our original Database. At such time when/if this problem is corrected I will recombine

this data with that of the previous page of data. If you have Attu Veteran’s information you’d like to share with others,

please use our CONTACT page to forward information and we’ll post it manually on this page. You can sort columns by

clicking on header. There are 25 entries per page allocated. Click HERE to view names A-R.

Last Updated: 06/17/2018 05:56

Attu Veterans, Continued


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