construction and operation of a wwii aaf forward base
From the PREFACE of the document, as Capt. James L. Ross explains, "this study of Shemya AFB is a unique publication in the Alaskan Air Command. Very few publications have described the details of W.W.II base construction. Because the Shemya base was on an isolated island, its forming was unlike any other in the American military establishment." This document is about 196kB, and depending upon the speed of your modem, may take a minute or two to download. This document is a PDF file, and requires the Acrobat Reader (download for free from:
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My thanks to Capt. Ross, wherever he is, for writing this account, and to Dan Lange (Shemya, 1945) who had included several segments of this story in his Shemya Mailbag, and who also graciously provided this document for our web site...and granted permission for us to use it! READ THE DOCUMENT (Last Updated: 30 Dec 2013 09:56