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11th United States Army Air Force Alaska - WWII Scapbooks: P-510 “DreamMaker”
"Wow! I am in awe! This is tremendous. We love this boat and are thrilled to learn more about her and her history. We would love to assist you in any endeavors relating to P-510 and her sister ships. I can furnish you with information regarding the boat and her current situation. She is presently driven by Detroit Diesel 671 engines (165 hp each) and has probably been "made over" 4 or 5 times since her service as a PRB but there are still areas of the ship that are the same and she'll always have the "Soul" of her former self.
Current Update: 26 Nov 2021 Last Update: 04 Jan 2013 11:54 Originally Published: 22 Jun 2001
This is a memo from Greg Mohr dated 2/18/2000 addressed to Clark Green regarding the P-510 crash boat and it's status of that date:
The current name of the vessel is "Dream Maker" and she home ports in Newport Beach, CA serving as a luxury charter boat for weddings, corporate parties, and private functions. After military service she was sold to a Canadian who re-named her "Magnum Force" and re-fitted her as a private yacht complete with staterooms, salon, and a jacuzzi on the bow! Some of the bunks remain but her days as a private vessel have been put on hold for now as she is quite popular down here. She has been used in television shows from time to time; The Bold and the Beautiful daytime drama featured her as the royal yacht of an Arab Prince while Pamela Anderson's VIP portrayed the "Dream Maker" as a great place for a high seas diamond heist. Her status as a Canadian-owned vessel would have prevented her from ever being certified by the U.S. Coast Guard for charters had it not been for some smart thinking on the part of her present owner (my father-in-law) who persuaded the local Congressman to have her deemed by Congress as "an historical vessel" (a similar vote was passed by congress regarding the "Wild Goose," John Wayne's converted mine sweeper - built in Seattle but sailed under the Canadian flag). One of the more challenging areas with this boat has been the vee-drives. Kind of hard to find replacements for them when they go south. We were able to find an old pair to rebuild as replacements. Complete re-fabrication of vee-drives would have been highly costly.
Top Photo: The P-510 during WWII Bottom Photo: The P-510 today, known as “The DreamMaker”
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