Last Updated: 11/24/2016 08:17


We started our post-WWII Attu Scrapbook collection with pictures submitted by Russ Marvin, a civilian at the time, who took on the challenges to visit Attu with a tour group hosted by a then very active tour agency “Attour, Inc.” which provided the means for birders to visit Attu. The group was hosted by the U. S. Coast Guard, and quartered in the old abandoned LORAN-A station’s buildings at Casco Cove. Kare Lohse, a Danish airline pilot who flew over the Aleutian Islands during his airborne excursions got in touch and contributed several photos he’d taken during those flights. We’ve since added contributions from Keven Mackey and Hal Tenney, each once stationed on Attu, rounding out our initial efforts to present scrapbook pages from those having Attu connections during Post-WWII years.