The Aleutians
The Lands of 50 mph Fog
Built with XARA
PV-1 “Ventura”
A Navy PV-1 de-icing on Attu, Circa 1945. Robert R. Larson, a PV-1 Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) flying out of Attu from 1943-1945 identified this aircraft as probably belonging to the "Hedron" (headquarters squadron), who used it for miscellaneous duties. Patrol squadron airplanes did not have an "X" in front of their number. Robert also adds that both the wing and the vertical fins were changed to make the PV-2.
Robert R. Larson relates that Attu was used as a base for bombing the Kurile Islands, and that it was a long haul! His was the first Ventura squadron to operate from the bomber field. VPB-135, VPB-131, and VPB- 139 also operated PV-1's there.
These photos courtesy of George Villasenor, a WWII Combat Photographer flying the Aleutian Islands…mostly Attu.
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